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Featured Product: ProMan PTO the 1st hydraulic PTO system for ATVs/UTVs 45 Rough Cut Mower: February 26, 2013

Featured Product

ProMan PTO – The 1st Hydraulic
PTO System for ATVs/UTVs
45” Rough Cut Mower

This deck is ideal for cutting fields and ditches as well as clearing trails. It's perfect for dense undergrowth, terrain with saplings and it eats up tall grass and brush.

Ideal for small to medium size property owners with rough terrain, farms, landscapers, hilly terrain, or sportsman looking to clear trails.

• Adjustable height
• Heavy Duty 7 Gauge Steel Deck
• Floats on 4 flat-free tires for low maintenance
• 2 hardened swing cutting blades
• Shock reducing over hung loader adapter to protect against rocks and other debris
• Rear Discharge 

ProMan PTO

For more info please visit or email


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