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Bob Clements

Owner, Bob Clements International

Cashflow Management

For the last 7000 years, accounting has followed a simple formula: Sales – Expenses = Profit. Using this method encourages business owners to focus their energy on growing their sales and expanding their business instead of focusing on the number one reason a business exists is to make money for the owners.

Taking a page out of the best-selling book, “Profit First” Bob Clements is going to share how the dealerships he and his team consult with take a different approach by using the “Profit First” formula: Sales – Profits = Expenses. If you are ready to rethink how to add valuable profit dollars to your bottom line, this is a workshop you are not going to want to miss!



Sara Hey

VP of Sales Development, Bob Clements International

Parts 101

When you look at your parts department what do you see? Your parts department is one of the most powerful profit-building tools in your business.

During this session, Sara Hey of Bob Clements International will walk you through tracking inventory, identifying chaos in your parts department, as well as marketing strategies to grow your parts business.



Chris Huckabone

Owner, Huckabone Equipment

Dealership Youtube Best Practices

It’s more important now than ever to let your customers know what’s going on at your dealership and what equipment you have to sell them.

Ontario-based single-store Kubota dealer Chris Huckabone does that and more with his YouTube channel. He’ll explain how to start your own channel, what to post and how it brings real revenue to his front door.



Chris Mundy

Managing Partner, Columbiana Tractor

Selling & Servicing Electric Equipment

It seems like more electric equipment is being announced every week, and it seems like more dealers will be carrying engine-less equipment in the future. But what’s it like to actually sell and service this new generation of electric equipment?

Chris Mundy, managing partner at single-store Solectrac dealer Columbiana Tractor, is going to share his journey to becoming a Solectrac dealer, how they handle sales and aftermarket support and what it’s done for the dealership.



Jeremy Schneider

Director of Aftermarket Sales, Sydenstricker Nobbe Partners

Creating Technicians from Scratch with a Career Academy

Everyone is looking for more technicians, and that’s nothing new. Almost 85% of dealers in the most recent Farm Equipment Dealer Business Outlook & Trends survey said they want to add technicians in 2023. Sydenstricker Nobbe Partners, a 27-store Missouri and Illinois John Deere dealer, decided if they couldn’t find the techs they needed, they’d create them.

They’ll get into the curriculum of their new SNP Career Academy and the return on investment the dealership expects from their first group of students.



Clint Sanders

Territory Sales Executive,
Ideal Computer Systems

The Secrets to Service Productivity & Efficiency: How to Unlock Your Dealership's True Potential

Are you tired of struggling during the slow season? Discover the secrets to year-round dealership profitability! In this presentation, you’ll learn how to set the perfect technician labor rates, manage your inventory like a pro, and the best automation processes to implement in your service department.

Industry expert Clint Sanders will share proven strategies and actionable tips to boost your bottom line – no matter what time of the year it is.



Joani Woelfel

President & CEO, Far West Equipment Dealers Assn.

California Emission Regulations & Gas-Powered Bans

In keeping with the theme of electrification, some areas are seeing traditional gas-powered equipment getting pushed out. The Wilton Bulletin reported the city of Westport, Conn., will ban the use of gas-powered leaf blowers in the summer by 2024. City officials in Dallas, Texas, are planning to phase out gas-powered lawn mowers and landscaping equipment between 2027 and 2030. To give an update on the current landscape of gas-powered equipment bans in arguably the No. 1 hotspot — California — the Far West Equipment Dealers Assn. will discuss Tier 5 engine regulations, off-road engine emission requirements and how it all affects dealers.



Dean Devore

Founder & General Manager, Parts Academy

Improving Inventory Accuracy – Physical Inventory vs. Cycle Counting

Dean Devore was raised in a family dealership and understands the pressure of owning a dealership. He left the dealership to join one of their suppliers and ended up spending 30-years leading Parts Divisions in 5 global companies, working in 14 different industries, with 26 leading brands. During this time, Dean had the opportunity to work with over 5,600 independent dealers who stocked parts and serviced equipment. During his corporate journey, Dean noticed the lack of OEM focus on the professional development of Parts Employees at their authorized dealers. In 2015, he left corporate America and founded Parts Academy to train and certify Parts Professionals working for equipment dealers.



Ben Thorpe

Associate Editor, Rural Lifestyle Dealer

Rural Lifestyle Dealer Dealer Business Trends & Outlook Review

Rural Lifestyle Dealer Associate Editor Ben Thorpe will take an in-depth look at the results of the latest Dealer Business Trends & Outlook report, including how dealers fared in 2022 and what their expectations are for 2023.

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