Communicate with CustomersIn this series, Managing Editor Lynn Woolf explores the evolution of communication at the rural lifestyle dealership. That includes communicating with customers, employees, manfuacturers, the general public and more.

Do you know your customers? If not, the first article in the series is a great place to start as it explores the reasons why building a current, comprehensive customer database is important. It also offers 6 concrete tips on how to build that database.

Article Title Issue Date
Achieve Goals by Sharing Financial Metrics With Your Entire Team 12-18-12
Don't Dread Employee Meetings: Five Strategies to Increase Productivity 11-20-12
Let’s Talk: How to Better Communicate with Your Employees 10-9-12
Mobile in Action: Howard Brothers Launches its Mobile Website 9-11-12
On-the-Go Marketing with Mobile Technology 8-14-12
Cut the Wires: Mobile Technology's Growth, Opportunities for Dealers 7-17-12
Not What You Say, But What You Do: Strengthen Your Dealership with Community Giving 6-19-12
Dealership Reaches Out to Customers with Its Own Magazine 5-22-12
Storytelling to Win Over Customers 4-24-12
How to Beat these Top Three Communication Obstacles 3-27-12
Blog This Way: Howard Brothers' Blog Builds Dealership's Online Reputation 3-13-12
How to Choose Your Dealership's Best Communication Tool 2-14-12
Do You Know Your Customers? 1-31-12