WASHINGTON, D.C. – In just 6 months, nearly 500 outdoor power equipment dealers have been added to Propane Equipment Dealer Point. The free, searchable database, at propane.com/dealer-point, allows landscape contractors to find local, knowledgeable dealers committed to selling propane mowers. The tool was launched in summer 2016 by the Propane Education & Research Council and continues to grow by the day.

“That so many applications were submitted in such a short time shows that dealers see the value of being listed in the database as a way to drive more customers through their doors while differentiating their product offerings from the surrounding competition,” said Jeremy Wishart, PERC deputy director of business development. “Plus, contractors now have a way to easily find a local dealer who can provide real details about propane equipment and partner with them on the path to fleet conversion.”

Dealer Point is more than an online dealer rolodex. Every equipment dealer listed in the database is vetted by a series of questions prior to being listed so contractors know they are contacting a dealer with a legitimate interest in selling propane equipment in addition to an ability to answer their questions about the fuel.

If a recent industry survey conducted by PERC is any indication, Dealer Point is positioned to continue adding dealers with knowledge of propane equipment. More than 60% of dealers surveyed by PERC in 2016 said they expected to offer propane equipment in the next 3 years.

Dealers from 47 states are currently listed in the database and several states have dozens of signups already listed. Pennsylvania has more than 40 dealers listed; Texas has more than 30 dealers listed; while Florida, California, and Indiana all have more than 20 dealers listed.

Contractors seeking a knowledgeable propane equipment dealer can search Dealer Point at propane.com/dealer-point.

Dealers interested in applying for a Dealer Point listing can visit propane.com/commercial-landscape/propane-equipment-dealers/dealer-point-application.

About PERC: The Propane Education & Research Council is a nonprofit that provides leading propane safety and training programs and invests in research and development of new propane-powered technologies. PERC is operated and funded by the propane industry. For more information, visit propane.com.