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Lynn Woolf
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The Right Way to Apologize

Mistakes in business are unavoidable. At times, your dealership may under deliver, overpromise, recommend the wrong kind of equipment or, for whatever reason, be less professional than you would like. Combine that with situations out of your control, such as delayed parts delivery or manufacturer errors, and there is the constant potential to make mistakes. Then what?
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The Big Picture: Oops, My Bad! 5 Ways Your Business Can Improve by Admitting to Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. No one likes admitting to them. As businesspeople we worry that customers will be intolerant of our missteps and foul-ups. The truth is, though, denying them only magnifies an already awkward situation and ends up hurting your reputation. Handling them right, on the other hand, can actually shore up relationship, spark improvements and benefit your brand.
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