Dealer Success Academy Speakers


Bob Clements

President, Bob Clements International

Reach the Next Level of Success in Your Service Department

The service department is the backbone of the dealership and has a big impact on the experience customers have with the dealership and with the products you carry. Bob Clements, president of Bob Clements Intl., will guide you to the next level of success in your service department. During this presentation, Bob will share the importance of measuring your key performance indicators for service; specific steps to improve the output of your service department; and a simple way to bonus your technicians based on quality and efficiency, while improving the customer experience.


Ryan Dohrn

Ryan Dohrn

Founder, Sales Training World

Managing Your Sales Team for Peak Performance

Sales managers have different management styles and each sales person has a different personality. Twenty-five-year sales management expert Ryan Dohrn will share 10 tips for overcoming differences, working together and achieving peak performance.

Ryan Dohrn, founder of Sales Training World, is the author of “Selling Backwards” and creator of the 360 Ad Sales System. He is an internationally acclaimed speaker, an Emmy winner, a business book author and has been featured in USA Today and on



Jared Nielsen

Chief Human Resources Officer, Stotz Equipment

Elevate Your Approach to Employee Management

Employee management can be a complicated function with critical impact on your success. Jared Nielsen, chief human resources officer for Stotz Equipment, will share some of the dealership's success strategies for human resources, including how they recruit employees through their website and best practices for onboarding, training, reviews and more.

Stotz Equipment has 25 locations in 8 states and the strategies presented can be adapted by dealerships of all sizes.


Dan Weingartz

Dan Weingartz

Owner, Weingartz

Earn More Profits from Parts

“Parts are where the profits are and parts have always been the lifeblood of our business. It’s the biggest reason for us to be in the power equipment business,” says Dan Weingartz, owner of Weingartz, a 6-store dealership in Michigan. Weingartz will share how they are achieving success by gathering data, having the right pricing strategies, making the most of purchasing programs and utilizing trained experts.”



Paige Wittman

Co-Owner, Miller Wittman Retail Design Group

Smart Ways to Remodel Your Retail Store

Refresh, expansion or a new store altogether — regardless of how you’re planning to improve your retail store, you want to get it right. Paige Wittman, co-owner of Miller Wittman Retail Design Group, will walk you through how to plan a new retail space that will boost revenues right away and serve the long-term needs of your dealership. Wittman has more than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing and channel development experience.



Erin Heimbecker

Safety Manager, Pattison Ag

Mission Zero: Our Dealership's Safety Commitment

Erin Heimbecker joined Pattison Ag, based in Saskatchewan, as its full-time safety manager about a year ago. Heimbecker will share how she is working with management and employees to carry out its "Mission: Zero" charter. Mission: Zero was launched in May 2008 as an initiative of WorkSafe Saskatchewan. The charter is a call to action to achieve zero workplace injuries, zero fatalities, and zero suffering by families. Heimbecker will share tools she's developed, such as "Near Miss" cards and other collateral. She'll also share how she interfaces with 19 locations and how single-store and multi-store dealerships can adapt their approaches.

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