What Rural Lifestylers Want From You: Finding Opportunities in the Small Farming Trend
Niche Markets

What Rural Lifestylers Want From You: Finding Opportunities in the Small Farming Trend

Small farms and "micro-farms" are a trend that seems to encompass everything from patio "farming" to the small acreage producer. Here's why you need to pay attention to small farmers in your market who need equipment to grow their crops and their businesses.

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For the 10th consecutive year, Rural Lifestyle Dealer is sponsoring its “Dealership of the Year” awards program to recognize North America’s best farm equipment dealers.

Dealers, manufacturers and others are invited to participate by nominating top dealers from across North America. There is no limit to the number of nominations that an individual can submit.


From the Desk of RLD

  • Lynn Woolf

    Fight the ‘Demonization’ of Lawns

    Dealers need to be proactive across the country in terms of educating their markets about the benefits of responsible turf management.
  • Bob Clements

    Highlighting Trends, Innovation from the 2015 GIE+Expo

    This wasn’t the year for groundbreaking new products at the recent Green Industry & Equipment Expo (GIE+Expo), but manufacturers at this year’s show still unveiled impressive enhancements and innovations.
  • Lynn Woolf

    What I Want to See & Hear at GIE+Expo

    GIE+Expo kicks off tomorrow in Louisville, Ky., with its Dealer Days, where dealers get a first look at new products. It’s an important show for our industry, and I’m pleased to see the number of exhibits and attendees grow every year. At this year’s show, there will be 750 exhibits and more than 18,000 participants, including dealers, manufacturers, landscape contractors and others.
  • Lynn Woolf

    What Motivates Job Seekers?

    Dealers often tell us one of their biggest challenges is finding good employees, especially service techs, and how this dilemma is limiting their growth.

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The latest event in our webinar series looks at how to run a profitable service shop. Management consultant Bob Clements walks us through the basics of running a shop and making solid profits.

Clements is recognized as the premier management consultant for outdoor power equipment, agriculture and power sports dealerships in North America.

This event is brought to you free courtesy of Bestway, manufacturers of PUP self-loading trailers.

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Editorial Advisory Board

Rick Bailes
Bill's Tractor
San Antonio, Texas

Alan Foy
Turf Salesperson
A&M Green Power Group
Pacific Junction, Iowa

Chris Frodel
Vice President
Mid-State Equipment
Janesville, Wis.

Summer King
Kingline Equipment
Cantonment, Fla.

James Little
Little Tractor
Metropolis, Ill.

Eric Roach
General Manager
S&H Farm Supply
Joplin, Mo.

Gene Saville
Sales Coordinator
Lamb & Webster
Springville, N.Y.

Mark Foster
Regional Manager/Partner
Birkey's Farm Store
Bloomington, Ill.

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2015 Rural Lifestyle Dealer Business Trends & Outlook (PDF)

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Rural Lifestyle Dealer 1-Year Subscription (U.S.)

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