Felling Trailer’s Air Bi-Fold Ramps are 45 inches wide by 11 feet wood inlaid. The 11 foot Air Bi-Fold ramps were designed to accommodate the load angle necessary when loading cumbersome low clearance equipment. The Air Bi-Fold ramps' length provides the operator with a gentler, more gradual incline to provide ease in loading/unloading with its 9.5 degree load angle with the option of air ride suspension when the air is dropped.

Felling Trailers' Air-Ramp technology allows operators to use the tow vehicles' onboard air system to power the ramps, eliminating the maintenance of an onboard electric/hydraulic system. Furthermore, the patent-pending technology allows for minimal ground contact when deploying/retracting the ramps to reduce damage to pavement when loading/unloading.

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