According to a March 16 report from The Colorado Sun, Colorado's Senate Bill 138 was stripped of "a controversial plan to ban the sale and advertising of gas-powered lawn equipment along the northern Front Range, including the Denver metro area."

The provision had specified banning the sale of devices with "small off-road engines," which would have included lawn mowers and leaf blowers, starting Jan. 1, 2030, "in areas of the state with air pollution worse than what the Clean Air Act allows."

The report covered how Colorado State Sen. Chris Hansen, a prime sponsor of the bill, had decided to remove the ban to instead focus on incentives within the bill to promote the sale of electric-powered lawn equipment, calling the incentives, "the meat of that section."

The bill would encourage customers to purchase electric-power lawn equipment by providing "an income tax credit equal to 30% of the purchase price for new mowers and blowers bought in tax years 2023 through 2029."