Hydro-Gear ZT-2800e System features Hydro-Gear BLDC motor in the traction and deck drives, in-house dedicated controllers, sensors and batteries and a full suite of mobile apps for complete support from OEM to end-user.

Pairing the ZT-2800e drives with Smartec TC-2200 traction controllers ensures smooth operation at any speed. The deck system utilizes D2e deck motors controlled by Smartec DC-2200 deck controllers. Together with the Lap Bar Sensor Modules (LBSM), the systems communicate over MowNet to enable features such as PowerSafe and SmartMow that can only be found on electric vehicles with Hydro-Gear's Smartec system. The Bluetooth module allows the system to interact with mobile apps — Smartec Install for OEMs, Smartec Connect for Servicing Dealers and Smartec MyMow for end-users.

The system is designed to be powered by 58V max Smartec PowerPack batteries. These are powerful 2kWh packs that can be used in multiple configurations.

Learn more at www.Hydro-Gear.com/product/zt-2800e/.