McFarlane Ag's Finalizer Soil Finisher features the The Talon Sweep that uses a unique vertical blade to break the density layer created by the sweep. The complete spring tillage tool supports improved water filtration and root growth and helps manage residue and weed pressure.

The Finalizer is available in working widths from 24-31 feet, and its sleek design allows its user to maximize spring tillage without increasing horsepower requirements. Each unit comes with hydraulically adjustable, 6.5 millimeter Cobra disk blades that easily penetrate the soil; aggressively cut residue into manageable pieces and loosen the soil profile.

The Talon Sweep's 2.5 inch wear-resistant vertical blade penetrates through the soil density layer created by the sweep, supporting improved water infiltration and root growth. Two hydraulically and angle-adjustable conditioning options eradicate weeds and condition soil. Three-bar flexible spike-tooth harrow with a single rolling basket and a five-bar flexible spike-tooth harrow finishing configurations available.

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