The OPEI Battery Electric Products Committee met this week to discuss two California extended producer responsibility bills (AB-2440 and SB-1215 ) that are making their way through the legislative process — with more industry support than previous attempts.

These bills would enact the Responsible Battery Recycling Act of 2022, which would require producers, or stewardship organizations, to establish a take-back program for the collection and recycling of covered LI-ion batteries and battery-embedded products. A major potential difference from the recently enacted Washington D.C. 

Act 23-211 is the inclusion of these battery-embedded products and the utilization of extended handling fees (EHFs), which consumers may pay at the time of product purchase. Similar EPR models exist in Canada, but this would be one of the first EPR regulations that could greatly impact OPE batteries and the tools themselves. It is projected that any plans should be approved before December 31, 2025, and of note, rechargeable batteries weighing over five kilograms and having a Watt-hour rating of more than 300 Watt-hours will be excluded from the regulations.

The OPEI Battery Electric Products Committee will continue to engage with policy makers and monitor these growing developments.

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