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Beacon 4.0 by DigiFarm


Beacon 4.0 is the next evolution of our very popular bluetooth corrections streaming device. Take all the benefits of DigiFarm’s Beacon v3.0 and add-in more functionality. Beacon 4.0 will work with any brand of RTK receiver and either mounts on the roof or in-cab. Once installed you will pair Beacon 4.0 with our NEW iOs streaming app. Simply a free download from the app store.


Takes over iPad location services making Beacon 4.0 perfect for use with any iOS mapping app.


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Beacon 4.0 from Digifarm

The Incite®️-i 5200 from McFarlane Ag


Introducing the Incite®️-i 5200 with an independent blade configuration. Designed for growers with sticky or rocky conditions, the new Incite-i 5200 combines the benefits of vertical and high-speed tillage tools into a unique universal tool that lets you do more in fewer passes. This new tillage tool is loaded with unique soil-engaging components, including:

  • Three reverse crimped disk blade configurations: Cobra RC serrated, Incizor®️ wavy, or a combination of both.

  • Independently mounted disks, hydraulically adjustable from 3°-12° that can be angled differently in the front and rear

  • Hydraulically adjustable Dura-Reel®️ chopping reel

  • Five finishing configurations, including our new hydraulically adjustable staggered rolling baskets


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McFarlane Incite

Ag Express® Electronics - Experience You Can Depend On


Contact: 515.446.3400




DICKEY-john® 2700-AGRI & mini GAC® 2500
Over drying can cost you a lot of money, don’t let your profit take a hit. DICKEY-john moisture testers deliver consistent, elevator-like results that help ensure you’re getting the best return from every acre you plant!
The GAC® 2700-AGRI and mini GAC® 2500 Grain Moisture Analyzers provide consistent, elevator-like results because they use the same technology elevators use (149 MHz)!


DICKEY-john® GAC 500XT

The GAC® 500 XT is the perfect option for reading moisture, temperature, and test weight at a great price! Just choose a grain, load the hopper, and press a button for fast, consistant test readings.


Stop by to find out what's new and get hands-on demos of the GAC® 2700-AGRI and mini GAC® 2500 at Farm Progress, Booth #VIT9724


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Ag Express Electronics

Poly Tech Industries Inc.'s Corn Stalk Guides by Kaler Farms


Booth: Northwest Quadrant #515


Do you want to put more corn from your field in your hopper? The Corn Stalk Guide by Kaler Farms is an aftermarket corn head attachment designed to aid in the harvesting of your corn.  The patented guide attaches to the header snout, guiding the stalks past the gathering chain and idler sprocket and allowing more valuable corn to continue to enter the corn head. That means more corn in the hopper and less on the ground.  The Corn Stalk Guide attaches easily to most plastic snouts with self-tapping screws. Being made of UHMW (high-wear) poly material, the Corn Stalk Guide is a durable, long-lasting addition to harvest machinery.


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Poly Tech Corn Stalk Guides

MartinTill 2nd Stage Closer


Close the furrow with the best.


Compatible with most Double V Style OEM closing wheel brackets.

  • Adds 6x12 rubber chevron or 4x12 press wheel to seal and level air pockets left in seed trench to ensure ideal seed to soil contact.
  • Cam Adjust allows adjustment of pressure applied to press wheel.

A new option on for our 2nd stage closer, or a factory two stage closer!

The fCrumbler mulches and firms the seed trench without smearing or packing like a rubber press wheel. Properly spaced cleats size material while leaving a mulched surface which reduces crusting. This cleat design prevents mud build up from wet conditions or fertilizer application that are common with a solid rubber wheel.


Also pictured: fCrusher Lightweight, long life ductile cast iron (9.5 lbs.), closing wheel. Tapered tooth design allows firming on one side and crumbling on the other. Drafted tooth keeps its entire footprint on the ground.


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MartinTill 2nd Stage Closers

Crary®️ Tile PRO®️ Plow


Booth: 1052


Increase land value and yields by tiling your fields with a Crary®️ Tile PRO®️ Plow.

STABILITY: Dual-Link Control offers both pitch & elevation grade control, similar to a commercial tile plow.


TRACTION: Crary Tile PRO’s unique frame-mounted design achieves unmatched traction through active weight transfer, something not possible with pull-type plows.


MOBILITY: A complete steerable plow for dozers and 2-track tractors lets both tracks pull with 100% ground contact. Steer your tractor with the plow like a boat rudder.


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Crary Tile PRO Plow

Harvest Hauler from Brandt


Introducing the all-new Brandt DXT Series dual-auger grain cart. The newest addition to the Brandt grain cart lineup delivers rapid unload speeds of up to 1,000 bu/min, carrying capacities from 1,150 to 2,500 bushels, and unmatched durability to keep up to the fast-paced harvest season.


The DXT is purpose-built for increased productivity with reduced maintenance needs and smart features that simplify operation. Plus, the unit can be customized with the preferred unload side, and a 22” or 24” vertical auger to fit the exact needs of every operation. See it at Farm Progress Show!


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Harvest Hauler from Brandt



RhinoAg has been manufacturing high-quality, durable equipment for agriculture, landscaping, and construction customers since 1930. We started as an equipment maintenance company, but soon moved into designing and manufacturing our own construction equipment in the middle to late 1930s. By 1945, we started producing farm equipment.
Now RhinoAg serves customers worldwide, and our equipment is used in agricultural, commercial, or industrial mowing applications; landscape preparation; pasture aeration; roadside maintenance; and many other farm and ranch applications. Our product line features  rotary cutters, golf, turf, and sod mowers, landscape and construction equipment, finish mowers, hay equipment, and boom mowers.


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Intelligent Ag's Recon SpraySense™️ - Spray Nozzle Performance Monitoring System


Come check out Intelligent Ag's Recon SpraySense system at the Farm Progress Show, August 30 - September 1 in Boone, IA. 
Poor spray quality application will be a thing of the past with this real-time spray monitoring system designed to give farmers a nozzle-by-nozzle analysis of flow rate, pressure, and droplet size.  Click here to learn more about how Recon SpraySense can help you prevent weed escapes, wasted chemicals, reapplications, and yield loss. Goodbye weeds...hello Recon SpraySense!


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Intelligent Ag's Recon SpraySense - Spray Nozzle Performance Monitoring System

Drago Series II and Drago GT 15967


Nearly 60% of the potential yield lost at harvest is at the corn head.* It’s why producers are choosing the proven Drago Series II with automatic self-adjusting deck plates and the Drago GT with the addition of QuadSuspension™ integrated deck plate “ear shocks” for their farms. And both models feature the industry’s longest knife rollers that allow more processing and reduce trash going into the combine.


Along with their many yield-saving features, Drago corn heads are known for their exceptional durability, making the brand one of the best equipment decisions — best ROI decisions — you can make.


*Field research, Iowa State University


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Drago Series II and Drago GT 15967