Effective Jan. 1, 2024, Kubota Corporation will consolidate Kubota Manufacturing of America Corporation (KMA) and Kubota Industrial Equipment Corporation (KIE).

Kubota Manufacturing of America, based in Gainesville, Ga., was established in 1988, has around 2,000 employees and manufactures general-purpose and small tractors.

Kubota Industrial Equipment is based in Jefferson, Ga., was founded in 2004, has around 1,500 employees and manufactures medium-sized tractors, construction machinery and implements (front loaders, backhoes, buckets).

Kubota stated in the press release that so far, the two companies have pursued the integration of their operations in mutual cooperation for the purpose of efficient management, for example, by having a president and executives work concurrently at both companies, and by integrating some indirect functions including the purchasing department. The resulting company will be called Kubota Manufacturing of America.

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