Kubota Corporation announced today it will invest in XING Technology Inc. The company owns XING Mobility Inc., a Taiwanese start-up company with strengths in the development of battery systems, which are indispensable for improving the performance of electric products including EVs.

XING Technology offers immersion cooling technology, which directly cools battery cells by immersing them in a coolant (oil). By cooling battery cells reliably and uniformly, immersion cooling technology can extend battery life compared to general air-cooled methods. In addition, it can prevent fire from spreading in the event of ignition.

Kubota stated the following in the press release:

In our pursuit of technology development for the electrification of tractors and small construction machinery, we encountered a significant challenge in creating and securing appropriate battery systems. These specialized battery systems must endure high-power operation in demanding environments such as farmland and construction sites.

XING, the global pioneer in immersion cooling technology, and a specialized battery system developer and manufacturer, excels at its ability to turn battery cells of various shapes and types into battery systems, boasting expertise in temperature control to enhance battery performance, and offering essential cooling technology to combat age-related deterioration. Their battery systems have already been found in applications in diverse sectors, including trucks, mining machinery, and energy storage systems.

XING Technology was established in 2015 and had 65 employees as of August 2023.

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