The management and staff at Versatile, a division of Buhler Industries Inc. (TSX:BUI) extends congratulations to the University of Manitoba Association of Tiny Tractors (UMATT) on their recent success at the 2011 ASABE Quarter Scale Tractor Design Competition in Peoria, IL. The competition, held annually, involves more than 25 teams from universities from Canada and the United States competing in various events with team-designed quarter scale tractors. 

The UMATT tractor scored well in several events, including second place in design judging, in which the judges consider manufacturability, serviceability, ergonomics, safety and testing and development. The team finished in the top five in the tractor pull, one of the main events, and won an award for “Most Improved”, moving up 12 spots over last year to finish in fifth place overall. They also received recognition for best appearance and best craftsmanship.

“We’re very excited with the results of this year’s competition,” says Annette Kroeker, one of the Team Captains. “To improve our standings over last year and present a tractor that is among the best in the competition is a great feeling for us.” 

The UMATT team is comprised of students from biosystems engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and agriculture.

Kroeker continues, “Versatile has made a big difference in the build process as well as the quality of the finished product compared to what we had last year. Having the monetary support was helpful, but the real value was the opportunity to work with the Versatile engineering staff. Their professional advice and feedback was an excellent resource throughout the process.” 

The UMATT tractor will be on display at the Versatile booth at the Western Canada Farm Progress Show in Regina from June 15-17. Photos of the competition are available online at