In a product demonstration with Rural Lifestyle Dealer, Bush Hog Vice President Dan Bratt provided a closer look at the company’s products and its dealer relations.

During the demonstration, Bratt emphasized the importance of Bush Hog’s brand reputation. “We’re lucky enough to be the Kleenex of the rotary cutter business,” he says. This reputation is a major factor as to why dealers are able to get so many customers through the door, he added. The brand recognition around Bush Hog’s products is the result of more than just quality cutters. 

In addition to all of the other products they now produce, the customer service part of the company is very important as well, Bratt says.

Bush Hog has 982 dealer locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. While most are saturated within the eastern U.S., there are still a large number of western locations. When prospective dealers request to be put in contact with the company, the local territorial managers interact with the dealers to ensure they are talking with people nearby and aren’t forced to call the headquarters in Selma, Ala..

In addition, Bush Hog recently launched a smartphone app which contains a dealer locator, parts manuals, current promotions on products, and a way to contact the company. Bush Hog is also very active on their social media, looking to interact with customers further than just the purchase of the product.

Bratt also went into detail on the company’s marketing strategy in the product demo. Bratt said after COVID-19, the company pivoted from wholesale marketing to retail marketing, targeting the individual end sale users, rather than the businesses. “Our philosophy, 100% of the time, is to market to end users now, and pull them to the dealership,” he said. Bush Hog primarily does this through online promotions.

A link to this product demonstration can be found here.

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