Bob Robeson, Vice President of Professional Services for IRON Solutions, Inc, tragically passed away Oct. 13 at the age of 63, following an accidental fall. After 43 years of service to equipment dealers across North America, he will be truly missed.

Bob started his career in 1967 with the Western Association (now SouthWestern Association) as an accountant, calling on equipment dealers in NE Kansas and NW Missouri to perform monthly accounting work. In the 70s and 80s, Bob's role evolved to systems analyst, helping dealers automate their dealerships' business practices. He also led product development for Challenger Business Systems. During his career with the dealer association, he served as Manager of the Kansas City HED (Heavy Equipment Dealers), Manager Challenger Business Systems for District IV, Association Treasurer, Association Secretary and General Manager.

In the late 90s, Bob served on the IRON Solutions, LLC Board of Directors as one of its founding directors and was instrumental in the growth and re-launch of IRON Solutions, Inc. Throughout the 2000s, he lead IRON's Professional Services team, working with hundreds of equipment dealers to adopt and utilize technology to manage enterprise business systems for increased profitability. He led the implementation and training efforts for QPSS, IRON HQ and Enterprise xSellerator, IRON's leading customer and equipment lifecycle management services.

Bob served proudly in Vietnam during 1970-71 with MACV Advisory Team 96 and was a member of the VFW and VVA. He is survived by his wife of 42 years, Susan, three sons and six grandchildren.