Ted Wade, Vice Chairman and Co-Owner of Montana Tractors, is pleased to announce that Montana Tractors has signed a supplier agreement with Kukje Machinery Co., LTD and Branson Tractors USA.

In June of this year, Montana Tractors, LLC and Dongkuk Steel Co., LTD, (parent company of Kukje Machinery Co., LTD and Branson Tractors, LLC), signed a letter of intent to form a joint venture to market tractors in the U.S.

The supplier agreement allows Montana Tractors, LLC to have immediate access to the Kukje brand of equipment. This line will be labeled as Montana and will be available to Montana dealers as early as this month. Plans for the joint venture continue moving forward with specifications of additional models in the early stages of development.

Mr. Wade commented “Montana Tractors is very excited about the progress that has been made in our partnership with Kukje and we believe our dealers will benefit greatly. The Kukje line offers a very high quality, competitively priced, Korean made product to our dealers and their customers. Developing a joint venture is a long process and we feel confident that both Montana Tractors and Kukje Machinery are committed to developing and producing quality compact and utility tractors for the U.S. market."

Kukje Machinery Co., LTD is owned by Dongkuk Steel Co. LTD and currently manufactures tractors for Branson Tractors, Inc. and other agricultural equipment for the Asian market. Previously, Kukje Machinery Co. manufactured and distributed 21 to 65 horsepower tractors in the North American market through its U.S. subsidiary, Branson Tractors, Inc. Currently and until completion of the joint venture, Kukje Machinery Co., LTD will also supply Montana Tractors with the same product selection.

Montana Tractors is a privately held corporation located in Springdale, AR and Tarboro, N.C. The company distributes compact and utility tractors throughout its dealer base in the U.S. and Canada. Sighted as the fastest growing brand of compact and utility tractors, Montana Tractors has a distribution network of over 200 dealers in North America. For more information please visit www.montanatractors.com.