KIOTI Tractor, a division of Daedong Industrial Company, Ltd., is pleased to announce their entry into the subcompact tractor market with the launch of their highly anticipated CS2410 model tractor.  This new tractor model exponentially increases sales opportunities for KIOTI Tractor dealers throughout North America. Prior to the launch of the KIOTI CS2410, KIOTI primarily targeted homeowners with 5+ acres
of land.  The CS2410 subcompact tractor is appropriate for those homeowners with property sizes ranging from just under an acre up to 5 acres, possibly more.

While subcompact tractors are a relatively new tractor category, they are designed for and perfect for residential use.  “Subdivision lots have grown in popularity over the past 10 years. The KIOTI subcompact will target homeowners who do their own yard work, anything from mowing or snow-plowing, to mulching or digging with its optional backhoe. This product opens so many doors for our dealers and provides our brand with a significant opportunity for growth,” states Peter Dong Kyun Kim, Chief Executive Officer of
Daedong-USA, Inc. KIOTI Tractor Division.

The CS2410 subcompact tractor offers a 24.5 horsepower diesel engine. This optimized engine combines large power output with low fuel consumption for cost-conscious operation. The 20.7 HP PTO is among the highest in this size class, giving owners the ability to power a multitude of implements including KIOTI’s optional front end loader, mid-mount mower and backhoe. “Although this machine is our smallest tractor, it has a tremendous amount of power and strength for its size,” says Michael Boucher, Senior Director of Sales and Operations for KIOTI Tractor.

In addition to power, the KIOTI CS2410 has a ground-clearance of 6.4 inches, giving owners the flexibility to operate this subcompact tractor on a variety of surfaces and topography without the risk of damaging the componentry of the tractor. Similar to KIOTI’s popular line of 22-90hp tractors, the CS2410 is among the heaviest in its class. At 1,452 pounds, the CS2410 offers users brute strength and traction across a variety of tasks.

Standard features on the CS2410 include a range of equipment for both productivity and comfort including: rear- and mid-PTO’s, power steering, parking brake, PTO cover, headlights, signal lamps, an SMV sign, horn, cupholder and a joystick valve when purchased with a loader.

Optional equipment includes front and rear hydraulic valves, rear working lights, cruise control, rearview mirror, canopy kit, block heater, grill guard, front towing hook, hydraulic filter guard and a swivel seat to work conveniently in either direction with a loader and backhoe.

Important to homeowners today are maintenance and repair costs.  With the CS2410, owners will have little to worry about.  KIOTI’s new subcompact tractor is covered by the same industry-leading warranty that backs all KIOTI tractors.  The CS2410 is also designed for easy maintenance for those who like to service their own tractors. A vertical opening hood allows quick access to the air filter cartridge, engine oil tank, fuse box and electrical components. For safety, the muffler is enclosed to prevent burns while working on the tractor.

KIOTI Tractor dealers are extremely pleased with the company’s entry into the subcompact tractor market.  “The CS2410 fills out KIOTI’s product line and opens up our ability to pursue a significantly larger number of tractor sales.  The company’s commitment to excellence continues to thrive and fuels the success of KIOTI Tractor dealers throughout North America,” states Alan Rivera of Rivera’s Machinery in Donna, Texas.

The CS2410 will be available to consumers through authorized KIOTI Tractor dealers as early as April 2012.  The initial units available for sale will be eligible for up to $1,000 cash back or $1,500 cash back when purchased with a loader as part of KIOTI’s spring finance promotion through June 30th.

Headquartered in Wendell, North Carolina, KIOTI Tractor is a market driven company that has been supplying more than 30 tractor models in the 22-90 horsepower range to the US and Canadian markets for over 25 years. Building on the company’s core product line, KIOTI has recently expanded their offerings to include The MECHRON® 2200 UTV and a full host of implements and attachments in addition to the above CS2410 subcompact tractor. For more information on KIOTI Tractor or KIOTI products please visit your authorized KIOTI Tractor dealer, call 877-465-4684
or visit