Sonic Tractor Parts, Inc., announces that the company has received the patent approval from the USTPO for its STP-1000 pump design. The company now hopes to present the lawn mowing markets better products with the introduction of a piston pump suitable for many zero-turn riding and walk-behind mowers.

During this current economic downturn, lawn and garden OEMs and consumers alike have an increasing need for alternative and cost effective solutions for their machinery components, specifically those that make up the transmission drive systems. The STP-1000 pump design can also be selectively installed in one of a number of positions to fit different requirements.

The STP-1000 series can also be offered as a package along with wheel motors for both OEMs as well as dealers and distributors worldwide. The wheel motor can be manufactured according to the customer's specifications. Select models of wheel motors are available already.

Recognizing the growth and potential of the lawn and garden market, Sonic Tractor Parts has devoted heavy research into developing products in the industry

The company is continuously adding more products to its line, including the recent introduction of hydraulic wheel motors to complement the pumps. With a strong foundation built from its experience in the agricultural hydraulics field for the past 20 years, Sonic Tractor Parts is striving to become an influential player in the lawn and garden market as well through their Sonic Hydraulics brand.