Auto parts store to carry farm equipment


According to Larry Blair, store manager for Pontiac’s AutoZone, the new program expands the store’s inventory.

“The expanded parcel we’re bringing into our stores will better service agricultural and heavy equipment, like bigger truc ks, tractors and semis. We will have air and oil filters, belts, electronic ignition parts, calipers, brakes, rotors and radiators,” he said.

Blair said that this new program would expand the store’s inventory by about $100,000 worth of merchandise.

“They’re OEM (original equipment manufactured) products, so they will be original equipment match-ups,” he said.

Blair said that this store was chosen to be one of the first AutoZones to start this program because of its rural location and increased use of heavy-duty equipment in the area.

“It’s a better service for our community,” he said. “Farmers and agricultural businesses can sign up for accounts. We will offer delivery for a 35-mile radius.”

Blair said he and the other employees are looking forward to kicking off this new program, which began Tuesday, and showing off the expanded parts to all the customers.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony sponsored by the Pontiac Area Chamber of Commerce was held to commemorate the expanded offerings.

“We’re all willing to go the extra mile for customers and give 100 percent customer service guarantee,” he said.