New Holland has been honored with seven prestigious AE50 Awards by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) for the most innovative product ideas to enter the market in 2009.

The AE50 Awards are based on new technology or the advancement of existing technology intended principally for producing, processing, storing, packaging or transporting agricultural, food and other biological products.

To be nominated, a product must have the potential for broad impact on its area or industries. Only 50 products are chosen for the award each year. The following New Holland products were presented with AE50 awards:

New Holland’s Boomer 8N compact tractor is a modern-day version of the original 8N tractor. It combines retro design with modern, innovative amenities. The redesigned 8N features distinctive, timeless styling, a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) that creates a fun, easy, car-like driving experience, as well as a variety of customizable accessories.

New Holland’s Dynamic Bale Weight System is fully integrated into the New Holland ?BB9000 Series large square balers to provide highly accurate “on-the-go” single bale-weighing (+/- 2%) while operating at normal speed in the field. The system weighs each bale, feeding the data to the New Holland InfoView II or IntelliView III monitor, to show individual bale weight and total bale weight count for a job. This detailed information allows the operator to record production and adjust his machine to the perfect bale weight for any crop or moisture conditions.

The SideWinder II Armrest, launched on New Holland’s T7000 Series Auto Command tractor, delivers superior driver-focused ergonomics, convenience and control formerly only available in the most advanced self-propelled forage harvesters and combines.

The innovative Command Grip multi-function controller integrates all tractor and implement operations to control direction selection, speed programming and adjustment, cruise functions, IntelliSteer auto-guidance engagement, linkage, hydraulic remotes and Custom Headland Management.

The New Holland 130 FB Coppice Header is a new high-capacity specialty header designed to ?harvest and process fast-growing, woody biomass crops, such as short rotation coppice willow ?and poplar grown as a renewable fuel source. Compared to previously available methods, the 130 FB coppice header used with a New Holland FR9000 Series forage harvester achieves twice the harvesting capacity and can process trees of double the normal diameter into biofuel-ready wood chips of desired lengths.

The New Holland 760 CG Varifeed Combine Grain Header introduces significant new features including a constant force belt tensioning system, a simplified knife protection system, enhanced floor travel v-guides, and a method to retain auger fingers in the auger when they are broken. These features combine to provide less downtime for the operator, a lower cost of ownership, and high-capacity harvesting in a variety of field conditions.

The New Holland IntelliView III Monitor with Smart Cameras system integrates up to three ?cameras with the in-cab monitoring system of the New Holland CX8000 Series and CR9000 Series combines to automatically provide live video views of key combine field operations on one ?central touch-screen monitor.

The New Holland P2070 Precision Hoe Drill delivers the precise seed and fertilizer placement with adjustable individual opener depth control. Patented and patent-pending features include a swing true parallel link design allowing a more compact opener and frame contour length, and narrow profile minimum disturbance knife, provides improved field finish and superior trash flow. A patent-pending fold-back design allows it to be folded into a 18’4” wide x 16’6” high envelope equal to or smaller than the 4WD tractor pulling it for safe and easy transport.