Husqvarna released its 2011 Global Garden Report, which aims to estimate the value a garden can have on the market value of a property.

The 52-page report covers what type of horticultural improvements pays off the most, the effect a well-maintained garden can have on property prices, and the return on investment homeowners can expect from caring for their lawn and garden.

Husqvarna surveyed 5,000 homeowners from nine different countries for the report. One of the aims of the report was estimating the average effect that a well-maintained garden has on property prices -- what Husqvarna calls the “Garden Effect.” Globally, this effect was estimated at 16 percent, compared to 18 percent in the U.S.

After taking costs of maintenance, plants and garden makeover into account, the average hypothetical payback on garden investments globally was 3.1 times the money invested. However, the return in the U.S. was lower at 1.8 times the money invested.

Husqvarna also spoke with real estate agents for the report. More than 70 percent of real estate agents surveyed said they believed a neglected garden lowers property values by between five and 15 percent. Another 17 percent said the effect could be even higher.

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