Going from forward to reverse on most tractors can be a real "pain in the leg" with the frequent foot clutching that is required.

LS Tractor introduces the EZ Shift models of their R-series tractors in an effort to solve that problem.

With EZ Shift, you'll save time and eliminate leg fatigue for tasks requiring frequent changes in direction and eliminate clutching during  front-end loader work.

Simply move a column-mounted lever, and you can change direction from forward to reverse without using the foot clutch.

You can change gears without using the foot clutch as well with EZ Shift. And with the 16X16 fully synchronized shuttle transmission, you'll find your optimum operation speed suited for your task at hand. The tractor comes in 41 and 47 horsepower.

For more information on the EZ Shift option and other equipment from LS Tractor, visit this website.