Handlers Equipment, in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, campaigned to send cows and chickens to poverty stricken communities across the world.

Along with the launch of the Mahindra Max line of sub-compact-tractors, Handlers also launched their campaign benefitting Foor for the Hungry in March 2012. With every new Mahindra purchased during the months of March and April at Handlers, a $500 donation was put towards the purchase of either one cow or forty chickens to a pre-determined community with Food for the Hungry.

How did it work? The fundraising campaign was unique in that salesman Joel Venema personally donated $31.50 to Food for the Hungry for every Mahindra tractor sold during the campaign. Handlers Equipment then matched the donation 3:1, bringing the donation total to $125.

Donations were also matched by the CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) 3:1, increasing the total donation made to Food for the Hungry to $500. Customers then chose to send either one cow or forty chickens to one of the pre-determined poverty stricken communities. All donations will be made by Joel Venema and Handlers Equipment and are not taken from the sale of the equipment.

A total of 11 cows and 400 chickens were gifted to poverty-stricken communities in Cambodia, Ethiopia and Burundi throughout the fundraising campaign!

FH Canada, part of the global Food for the Hungry association, is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending poverty – one community at a time.

“FH Canada is currently working in ten communities and making a big impact in these communities,” explains Joel Venema with Handlers Equipment, “They are using a very integrated approach to end poverty and create sustainability and we were pleased to be a part of a fundraising campaign that supported those efforts.”

Anyone interested in making an additional donation to FH Canada or visiting Handlers Equipment should contact Joel Venema — joel@handlersequipment.com — 604.850.3601 ext. 225.