KIOTI Tractor, a division of Daedong Industrial Company Ltd, has recently begun utilizing YouTube to showcase their line of 22-90 horsepower tractors in action. Short videos have been uploaded to in response to increasing requests by both customers and dealers to see KIOTI tractors equipped with various implements successfully completing a variety of work. YouTube’s increasing popularity, easy accessibility and continued growth across various age groups makes it an ideal place for KIOTI to post these videos.

“While KIOTI’s brand identity and market share has consistently grown over the past 20 years, we’re still finding that people want to see our tractors performing the type of work they would use it for if purchased. Seeing a fellow farmer, landscaper, homeowner or other tractor owner successfully accomplish the work they encounter gives a potential customer peace of mind that our product can handle their workload,” states Ron Parrish, Market Development Manager for KIOTI. “Furthermore, it helps us build brand identity among younger generations who tend to utilize YouTube more and more through their mobile phones or computers.”

KIOTI customers and dealers can also post their own KIOTI Tractor videos on YouTube, further expanding KIOTI’s presence on the site. Any YouTube visitor can then watch the videos and comment on them, add them to their favorites or share them with other tractor owners or enthusiasts.

“We want to show KIOTI Tractors in action and know what’s being said about KIOTI in the marketplace,” states Tony Brown, National Sales Manager for KIOTI. “By keeping tabs on how both our company and our products are perceived in the field we’re better able to adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs. The more avenues we provide for our customers to communicate with us, the more effective we can be as an organization in servicing them.”

Here are links directly to a few of the KIOTI videos currently posted on YouTube:

KIOTI manufactures over 30 tractor models in the 22 to 90 hp range, all of which are backed by their industry leading 4-Year, Full-Fleet Warranty. KIOTI Tractor is a member of AEM and several other trade associations serving the farm equipment and related industries.