Bad Boy Mowers introduced the Ground Hog Max by Bad Boy Mowers, an ATV plow that is the first of its kind. This light, portable plows allows users to plow the hardest to reach spots for putting in food plots or plowing wetlands and now available for customers and dealers.

The new 10-9-8-inch notched-disc GroundHog MAX is 30% more aggressive than the original smooth disc design and comes in a  21” x 11” x 12” white box that is full color and is labeled with all selling points. It only weighs 72 pounds and is fully assembled.

According to Bay Boy, the GroundHog Max will save time, gas and money since users will no longer need a trailer or any assistance for operation.

Key features of the GroundHog Max include: 

• Maximium weight/downward force - The plow is mounted under the ATV’s rear-end and uses the weight of the ATV (700+ lbs) and the driver (200 lbs) to achieve direct down pressure on a smaller amount of steel. You are riding on the plow like a 5th wheel. When not plowing, the unit can be turned upside down in “transport mode” and take the plow anywhere you can get your ATV.

• Maximum ground penetration -A disc setup of an inner 10” 9”  8” notched disc with high speed bearings allows users to cut hard ground, grass, and ground clutter better. The plow is half as wide but you can plow twice as fast (4-7 mph). Use looping circles and figure eights. For maneuverability it will plow in reverse.

• Strong Hitch Upgrade Kit (included) - This allows the customer to utilize their existing utility hole/hitch. The existing utility hole is strengthened using the kit’s 21-26-inch (extendable) receiver tube or the 5-inch receiver tube. Both are (1/4 wall thick steel) and come with necessary hardware for installation. With this kit users can use the existing factory utility hole and the ATV frame to install a forward-braced receiver hitch system. This upgrade works with approximately 90% of ATV’s/UTV’s on the market today. The other 10% may require an after-market forward braced 2 inch receiver hitch.

The Ground Hog Max can be adjusted up or down in 1 inch increments and it works on independent or straight axle setups and does work on 2 wheel drive models with less aggressive plowing recommended.

Some of the uses include installing game food plots, planting for ducks in swampy bottom land, landscaping, and plowing garden spots.

For any questions about  GroundHog Max  or becoming a BadBoy dealer call 1-800-566-1691 or visit