Taylor Pittsburgh Mfg (Taylor-Way is pleased to announce the release of the new Taylor-Way Stump Kutter (patent pending) stump grinder. The new PTO drive Stump Kutter features an industrial grade gear box designed for use cutting through rock and a 30” diameter head which engages a large area of the stump simultaneously. The working area is larger than traditional stump grinders and results in decreased working time for stump removal.

“A lot of hard work and engineering went into the design of this revolutionary stump removal system,” says Chuck Dickerson, Sales & Marketing, Taylor-Pittsburgh Mfg. “There is nothing like the Taylor-Way Stump Kutter in the marketplace today. Our goal was to engineer a superior product that would be affordably priced and we feel that the Taylor-Way Stump Kutter accomplished that goal.”

The Taylor-Way Stump Kutter has not been released for sale yet but a prototype is being shown at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY.

For more information contact Taylor Pittsburgh at 423-745-3110.