OREGON recently announced the expansion of the OREGON 40V MAX Cordless Tool System. The line expansion includes a new Trimmer/Edger, Hedge Trimmer, and Rapid Battery Charger offering a yard maintenance system that operates on OREGON 40V MAX Lithium Ion batteries.

New OREGON HT250 Hedge Trimmer part of a line expansion that builds on OREGON's use of lithium ion batteries.

OREGON first launched the CS250 Chain Saw one year ago. Utilizing PowerSharp, the chain saw has a built-in chain sharpening system, allowing the user to sharpen on the saw, on the job.

The OREGON Cordless Tool System offers:

  • 40V MAX Lithium Ion battery technology
  • Freedom from the hassles of gas-powered tools
  • Instant start, low noise and excellent ergonomics

As with the Chain Saw, the ST250 Trimmer/Edger and HT250 Hedge Trimmer continue to combine the convenience of cordless tools with power and performance. Both follow the OREGON CS250 Chain Saw in delivering high quality and ergonomic design and handling. The new tools utilize the OREGON PowerNow battery platform, a system of premium Lithium Ion batteries that are compatible across all OREGON Cordless Tools, including the CS250 Chain Saw and the ST250 Trimmer/Edger.

The ST250 Trimmer/Edger, with its dual line cutting head and flip-down edge guide, is a true 2-in-1 tool. The trimmer utilizes OREGON’s Swift Load trimmer head for fast, easy string loading and reliable bump feed line advancement. The ST250 features a variable speed trigger, allowing the user to determine cutting speed required and ultimately maximizing run time.  The trimmer comes standard with OREGON’s Platinum Gatorline, which offers great cutting performance and additional resistance to cracking and breaking. Weighing only 9.4lbs with Endurance Battery Pack, the light weight, well balanced, straight shaft trimmer with adjustable large grip handle, offers excellent ergonomics.

The HT250 Hedge Trimmer features 24”, laser precision cut blades for long reach and cleaner, more efficient cutting for healthier plants. The Trimmer is built with dual action blades for reduced vibration, low noise, and smooth cutting action. The balanced handle placement provides comfortable operation. As with the ST250, the Hedge Trimmer features a variable trigger. The HT250 weighs 8.8 lbs. with Standard Battery Pack (9.8 lbs. with Endurance Battery Pack.)

The C750 Rapid Battery Charger (sold separately) charges either OREGON battery pack in 30 minutes. For the user with multiple batteries, this means one battery can power a tool while the other quickly charges.

“We’re excited to introduce more tools and accessories into the OREGON Cordless Tool System,” said Alan Lofurno, Business Unit Director for OREGON. “Battery powered tools continue to grow in the industry as users demand the convenience of no gasoline and no cords.”

“Historically, customers have had to choose between convenience and performance when choosing between battery and gas-powered tools,” said Product Line Manager Shaun Conley. “We are bridging that gap by offering customers a true alternative to many gas powered tools.”

The OREGON PowerNow battery platform is comprised of 40V MAX Lithium Ion Battery Packs and Battery Chargers that operate OREGON’s line of cordless tools.  Featuring premium cell technology, the PowerNow battery packs are exclusive to OREGON. The 40V MAX platform provides the ultimate in power and performance. Lithium Ion technology provides for a better customer experience with features such as longer run times, constant no-fade power, no memory effect, and the ability for the battery packs to hold their charge for months in storage. As an additional sign of premium quality, the OREGON PowerNow Battery Packs can be fully charged and discharged up to 1000 times.

  • Constant No-Fade Power: Lithium Ion eliminates the issue of power fade found in other battery technologies as a battery’s charge runs down. Rather than a decreasing slope of power, lithium ion provides constant, full power until the very moment the charge is gone – which means the user gets full machine performance with every ounce of energy.

  • No Memory Effect: Lithium Ion provides a solution to the common problem of “battery memory” and allows the user to use, and charge at any level with no effect on the battery. This convenience removes the hassle associated with other battery technologies that require the user to establish proper memory.

  • Holds Charge in Storage: OREGON’s premium Lithium Ion cells offer the unique ability to effectively hold a charge for months at a time, with only a minor loss of energy. For example, after 5 months of storage off the charger, a fully charged OREGON battery pack will retain approximately 90% of its charge.  Other battery chemistries can lose energy at a much faster rate.

OREGON currently offers two choices of battery packs: the 1.25 Ah B500S Standard Pack and the 2.4 Ah B400E Endurance Pack. Both 40V MAX Lithium Ion Battery Packs feature premium, high-capacity cells with no-fade power that maintain performance throughout the job. The Endurance Battery Pack doubles the runtime of the Standard Battery Pack.

All OREGON cordless tools are sold in convenient packages that come with the tool, a C600 battery charger, and a battery pack. To accommodate customers who wish to utilize multiple tools, all three tools are also sold both as “tool only” – without battery and charger. This allows the user to purchase a convenient pre-kitted package and simply add an additional tool to utilize the same battery and charger. Additional batteries and chargers can be purchased separately if desired.

All products will be available in Spring 2013 at retailers across the USA and Canada. For more information or to locate a dealer, please visit www.OregonCordless.com.