Editor’s Note: Rural Lifestyle Dealer profiled Faivre Implement’s marketing efforts in our “Communicate” series, with a feature on its Neighbors magazine.

Riesterer & Schnell Inc. (R&S), a John Deere dealership group with several locations, has purchased Faivre Implement's Stevens Point and Westfield John Deere dealerships, effective January 2, 2013.

From the editor of Faivre Implement’s Neighbors magazine:

Dear Readers,

After 31 years of business, Jim Faivre has sold Faivre Implement with its two locations in Stevens Point and Westfield, to Riesterer & Schnell Inc.

Faivre Implement will hold an auction, Wednesday, 12/19 to liquidate their used equipment. Full information about the auction is in this issue on pages 18-21.

This issue also features a story about Riesterer & Schnell Inc.'s history, management team, beliefs and hopes for the future.

According to Jim Faivre, "This is great news for employees and customers. I have known and respected the Riesterer family for many years. They run an excellent, multiple location operation, which offers even larger equipment and parts inventories and service capabilities.”

Jim Faivre extends his thanks to all of you for your support over the years. Contact either of us at neighbors@faivre.com.

Past issues are archived at www.faivre.com/neighbors.php.


Ruth Johnson, Editor, Neighbors