Flanders Nature Center received a donation of a Zeon all-electric zero turn mower manufactured by Hustler Turf Equipment Hesston Kanas from Woodbury Saw and Mower.

The Hustler Zeon is the world’s first all-electric zero-turn riding mower to be introduced to the green industry.

It is clean, quiet, and simple with no gas to spill, no fumes to pollute the air with.

 “I feel this green friendly mower is a very good fit for the Nature Center,” said Kevin Barry, the owner of Woodbury Saw and Mower.

“These mowers come with zero emissions, very little maintenance, requiring no gas or oil, and with a 34 percent reduction in noise.

“It makes an ideal machine for mowing around Flanders honeybee yard, fruit trees, and even by the North Barn Education Center when after school programs are in session.

“It also gives Flanders an opportunity to expose young earth loving minds to green friendly alternatives to property maintenance.”

Arthur S. Milnor, executive director of Flanders Nature Center said Flanders is very appreciative of Kevin Barry and Woodbury Saw & Mower.

“What a wonderful donation and what a wonderful mower - a perfect fit between an organization whose mission supports environmentally sound, green principles and a local Woodbury business,” Mr. Milnor said.

 “I too am appreciative of the collaboration among Woodbury organizations,” said Dianne Parmelee, education coordinator and farm manager for Flanders Nature Center.

“And what a great way to education our youngsters about caring for the land in an environmentally responsible manner.”