The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has recently qualified Ventrac’s  4500Z bi-fuel ready tractor for the Propane Mower Incentive  Program. This incentive program gives eligible new owners of a 4500Z, equipped with a propane kit, a $1,000 incentive to use this propane powered  compact tractor. In return, program participants are asked to report to PERC on  the equipment's performance and usage for one operating season.

Ventrac  is a unique addition to the PERC propane mower incentive program as it is the  first compact tractor to be approved for the program. Ventrac is also the first  propane powered tractor that does more than just mow. Ryan Steiner, Director of  Engineering for Ventrac, says that “Over the last few years, there have been a  number of manufacturers introducing propane powered mowers, as propane is one  of the fastest growing alternative fuels in the US.” He adds, “Ventrac is proud to  be the first manufacturer to give commercial users the opportunity to power  over 30 different attachments with propane.”

PERC has been conducting research on propane and propane powered equipment  since 1996 and has found that propane-fueled commercial mowers can offer lower  operating cost, fewer emissions, proven performance, easy on-site refueling and  less downtime.  Jeremy Wishart, Project Manager for PERC, says that,

“Propane is a domestic fuel and supply is at an all-time high, as propane is  abundant in the natural gas deposits throughout the nation. Propane as an  engine fuel in the lawn and landscape industry is beginning to become widely  accepted.”  Wishart adds, “Products like the Ventrac 4500Z propane and  others becoming available, combined with the economic and environmental factors  facing lawn and landscape professionals today, it's not hard to imagine propane  becoming the preferred fuel in the turf industry.”

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