With 21 years in business and over 200 years of combined experience in the sale of outdoor power equipment, Homestead Lawn & Tractor Co. is easily one of the most qualified dealerships in Southeastern, Tennessee. Owner, Neil Groothuis, along with his team of 6 service technicians and 18 employees, has a wide range of expertise in the sales, parts and service of equipment including compact and utility tractors, residential and commercial mowers, utility vehicles, skid-steer loaders and compact excavators.

What started out in 1992 as a small dealership with a few, select equipment brands, has since turned into an expansive “super store”.  Homestead Tractor carries multiple lines of high quality equipment while providing extensive parts and service support.

In all aspects of the business, Homestead Tractor is committed to providing outstanding customer service.  The dealership stands out from others in the area because interested customers are able to test drive and demo equipment on site.  “If a customer is uncertain which model tractor will best handle the job they are working on, we let them test drive various models,” states Groothuis.  “If they still can’t decide, we gladly bring both tractors to their property or job site and let the customer demo them side-by-side.” 

Since Homestead Tractor is always thinking about the needs of its customers, Groothuis recently decided to add a second tractor line to the dealership’s offerings to provide various brands to his customer base.  Although adding a new brand may be a simple decision for some, it was not for Homestead Tractor.  Groothuis, along with the dealership’s Parts Manager and Service Manager held a 6 month long evaluation to assess every available tractor line.  Factors taken into consideration were the standard features offered, the overall quality of the equipment and the selling price.  “We were looking for something different than the other brands we carry,” says Groothuis.  “It was a long evaluation process because we wanted to make sure whichever brand we chose, our customers would ultimately love.”

It was not until speaking with successful KIOTI Tractor dealers in other markets that the Homestead Tractor staff was satisfied with any of the prospective brands available.  “We heard great things from other dealers about the KIOTI Tractor line,” states Groothuis.  “That really spiked our interest because dealers don’t sugarcoat things.”  In 2012, Homestead Tractor officially became an Authorized KIOTI Tractor Dealership.  After receiving and assembling the first shipment of KIOTI tractors, the Homestead Tractor staff was immediately impressed.  The quality of the equipment and the many features that come standard on all KIOTI tractors made it evident quickly that the evaluation resulted in a strong partnership.

“KIOTI makes some of the highest quality, heaviest weight tractors on the market,” states Groothuis.  “Standard features like the rear 3 point hitch with telescopic end links, draft control and automatic PTO are not even options with some of the other equipment brands we evaluated, but come standard with some KIOTI Tractor models and they’re great selling points with customers.”

In just one year, sales of KIOTI tractors have taken off at Homestead Tractor.  KIOTI customers include nursery and landscape contractors, municipalities and land owners, all of whom, appreciate the design and features KIOTI tractors have to offer.  The best selling size class of tractors at the dealership so far, are those in the 30-50 hp range.

As a new KIOTI dealership, Groothuis attributes the company’s success to their strong commitment to customer service which would not be possible without his team of employees.  “From our experience, when customers are looking for an equipment dealership they often select one based on a combination of quality of service, staff expertise and the selection of equipment that is offered. At Homestead Tractor we have a wide range of high quality equipment and a friendly, experienced staff.  We spend time with each customer to ensure we understand their needs so we can make the most appropriate equipment recommendations.”

Homestead Tractor is well-known in the Cleveland area and is often involved in various community events.  The dealership supports local fairs and festivals and most recently was the location for a KIOTI Tractor event where a CS2410 subcompact tractor, painted pink in honor of breast cancer awareness, was presented to the winner of a silent auction held at the Sunbelt Ag Expo.

Homestead Lawn & Tractor Co. delivers excellent applications assistance, sales and product support to its customers.  For this reason KIOTI has elected to spotlight them as a standout dealer.  For more information on Homestead Lawn & Tractor or KIOTI tractors and UTV’s, please call 888-458-2686 or visit www.homesteadsuperstore.com.

Headquartered in Wendell, NC, KIOTI Tractor is a market-driven company that has been supplying more than 30 tractor models in the 22-90 horsepower range to the US and Canadian markets for over 25 years. Building on the company’s core product line, KIOTI Tractor has recently expanded their offerings to include the MECHRON® 2200 UTV, The Ultimate Transport Vehicle™, and the CS2410 subcompact tractor, as well as a full host of implements and attachments. For more information on KIOTI or becoming a  KIOTI Tractor Dealer, call 877-465-4684 or visit www.KIOTI.com today.