Now that Quicke tractor loaders are available for purchase from Rhino brand’s national network of dealers, Rhino will be featuring the loaders at the 2013 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY. Through an alliance with Alamo Group, Inc. and Alo, Rhino’s new diverse line includes more than 25 loaders in Quicke’s Dimension Series, 200-Series, and F-Series.

“We are excited to introduce Rhino customers to a wide variety of loaders that can be tailored to their farming or personal needs,” said Greg Pollock, Director of Sales and Marketing for Rhino’s Ag Division. “There’s no better place to show off this new line than the National Farm Machinery Show.”

For more than 50 years, Quicke has been developing the strongest, most advanced loaders being sold today. Every aspect of Quicke loaders, down to the most minute detail, is examined to provide the safest and most efficient and ergonomic loaders in the market. Additionally, Quicke loaders offer the best technology available today, from engines to loader control systems.

Recognized as the largest loader manufacturer in the world, Alo has been producing and marketing loaders and attachments under the Quicke brand in North America since 1989. Alamo Group, Inc. is the world market leader in rotary cutters and related tractor attachments, manufacturing and selling tractor loaders through their network of Rhino dealers.

Check out the Quicke line at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, February 13-16 at lot #3020 South Wing C.