Massey Ferguson a global brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), is introducting the new 5600 Series of mid-range tractors.The dynamic MF5609 and MF5610 bring new features and capabilities not currently available on the market to producers. From powerful AGCO Power engines to high-flow hydraulics to a comfortable and spacious cab, the Massey Ferguson 5600 Series consists of ideal tractors for loader work, hay production and general on-the-farm use, giving North American producers the performance, efficiency and ease of operation they need.

"Our new 5600 Series mid-range tractors bring producers power, agility and responsiveness they need to get work done efficiently," says David Bercik, product marketing manager at Massey Ferguson. "These tractors provide features unlike anything currently available, and we believe producers will be pleasantly surprised when they test-drive the tractors at their local dealership." Additional models will be available later in 2013.

New three-cylinder engine from AGCO Power

With 70 and 75 PTO HP, respectively, the MF5609 and MF5610 both feature a powerful and efficient AGCO Power three-cylinder engine with electronic engine controls that meet Tier 4i emissions standards. Through a combination of new and proven features, these engines help producers get the job done as efficiently as possible, saving them fuel and time.

"These engines are powerful, and were designed to deliver efficient fuel consumption at all times," says Bercik.

Engines powering the 5600 Series tractors have four valves per cylinder, for improved airflow through the engine to enhance fuel/air mixing, meaning lower annual service costs. Wet replaceable cylinder liners with mid-supports also keep service costs down by ensuring correct engine cooling.

In addition, the engines are equipped with a SisuTronic EEM4 electronic engine management system that monitors and manages every aspect of engine operation, including fuel flow and injection timing to keep the engine running as efficiently as possible. A Bosch fuel pump and single-pressure vessel deliver fuel to each cylinder for exceptional fuel/air mixing and more complete combustion, keeping engines running smoother, longer.

Improved performance with new transmission features

The 5600 Series will continue to use the rugged and reliable Dyna-4 transmission with 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds for versatile, smooth shifting. However, the 5600 Series brings several additional features, aimed at increased functionality. The tractors come standard with a 16x16 gearbox with speed matching and the traditional "T"-handle gear shift. An AUTO-DRIVE function is also available as an upgrade option.

New to the Dyna-4 transmission is AUTO-N, allowing the gearbox to go into neutral when the operator engages both brake pedals. This feature makes loader work faster and more convenient by eliminating the use of a hand lever or clutch pedal.

Increased hydraulic performance

An open-center hydraulic system with a standard flow rate of 11 gallons per minute (gpm) to the rear three-point linkage and 15 gpm to remote valves provides fast, responsive hydraulic function and helps every job go faster. An optional Twin Flow system combines the flow from both pumps, providing 26 gpm to remote hydraulic circuits for even faster cycle times and an even quicker job.

Comfortable and spacious cab

Perhaps the most visible upgrade available with the 5600 Series is the large and comfortable cab. The MF5609 and MF5610 have identical-sized cabs to the Massey Ferguson 7600 Series and use a six-post design, providing unmatched visibility. The 5600 Series also comes with an optional Visio Roof, for additional visibility during loader work. The front dash of the cab is modeled after that of the 8600 Series, offering a narrow cross-section to improve forward visibility.

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