A new Avant compact loader unit has just been released in the US, offering the same articulated design and power, but now with a dual speed option. The Avant 640 brings more drive speed to the 600 series. It’s equipped with the same Kubota diesel engine as the Avant 635, but thanks to the powerful 2-speed drive motors, the top speed of the 640 is 14 mph in second gear, as compared to the 635 that tops out at 9 mph.

The compact design and hydraulic power of the Avant compact loader makes it a stronger, more lightweight option than many of its competitors. More than 100 Avant attachments easily attach to and detach from the machine, making it versatile for use on several different tasks. (Pictured here with the Collecting Mower 1500)

“The higher speed of the 640 makes this an attractive unit for municipalities and larger complexes that require moving equipment from one project to another. This unit can easily move from job to job and eliminate the need to load it onto a trailer to transition to another project,” said Jukka Lyly-Yrjainen, President of Avant Tecno USA.

The 600 series of Avant loaders offers the perfect combination of power and maneuverability. The high-flow auxiliary hydraulics runs almost any Avant attachment. A self-leveling telescopic boom and joystick control are standard. All cab options are available, including the DLX cab that offers full enclosure with heating and A/C and is road traffic ready.

There are several videos on the Avant USA YouTube channel that show the machines in action with a variety of attachments.

Anyone interested in learning more about the machines can visit www.AvantTecnoUSA.com or call 847-380-9822.