Husqvarna has unveiled its Automower(R) Colour Collection, robotic lawmowers in 4 metallic colors — white, brown, blue and orange.

The company says the colors represent the Earth's four elements: orange (fire), brown (earth), white (air) and blue (water) — and symbolize Husqvarna's commitment to sustainable product development and design. The colors also cater to the increasing individualism of consumers.

"Automower(R) Color Collection sets a new standard for lawnmowers. Not only do they deliver a perfect lawn without emissions and noise, they also add style to the garden, responding to homeowners' aspiration to individualize their homes and gardens," says Towe Ressman, head of Husqvarna Global Design Center.

In 2009, Husqvarna counted more than 100,000 Automower units sold since the start in 1995. The Automower Color Collection was officially unveiled at the annual garden fair Rum & Tradgard in Stockholm.

The new colours will be available for purchase at Husqvarna retailers in March 2010. The colored bodies are sold separately and are compatible with the two most popular models: Husqvarna Automower(R) 220 AC and Husqvarna Automower(R) 230 ACX.