EcoBorder has developed a solution to easily upgrade the curb appeal of any lawn or landscape with its new product roll-out, the EcoBorder Curb. This new product was designed to give a professional look to any landscape as a cost-effective alternative to pour-in-place concrete borders and like all EcoBorder products its molded from recycled tire rubber and manufactured in the USA. EcoBorder-Curb is the latest product to go national from this Florida based company, who has already have received allocates and consistent four star reviews from Lowe's and Home Depot customers for their environmentally-friendly landscape products.

EcoBorder Curb retains the desired look of the custom stone or concrete borders that need to be professionally installed, but eliminates the drawbacks of such products with innovative design features including flexibility, DIY user friendly installation, and the ability to be moved and reconfigured for a landscape redesign or to make more space for growing or new plants and trees.

In addition to the price comparison and DIY benefits, EcoBorder Curb is a uniquely sustainable replacement for those living in climates that have caused cracked or broken concrete curb borders. "Concrete does not offer the tensile strength to serve as an effective landscape border in any areas where temperatures moderate outside of 18-85 degrees Fahrenheit - which is most of the country," said John Wink, the President and innovator behind EcoBorder. "Our product, due to the core component in recycled tires can stretch enough to accommodate the contraction and expansion that takes place in seasonal changes or extreme hot and cold temperatures that cause concrete to eventually crack."

For those looking to get into the currently rising real-estate market, curb appeal is incredibly important. According to NAR 92-94 percent of all prospected home buyers will start their search for a home online these days, and an amazing 82% of surveyed real-estate agents nationwide from REACT have had potential buyers decline to look at the interior of a house due to its exterior appearance. Also, according to the U.S. Homeowner Landscaping, Lawn Care and Tree Care Survey, conducted by the Gallup Organization, landscaping can even add between 7% and 15% increase to your home's value. EcoBorder Curb is readily available and quick and easy to install. Home owners looking for a professional enhancement can benefit from this product in under an hour for most installations at a cost effective price.

EcoBorder products are available nationwide in Home Depot stores as well as on EcoBorder's website in Brown, Red, Black, Green, and Grey to fit any landscaping theme or project at

For more information, please visit, contact John Wink at 813-390-1400 or