WAUKESHA, Wis., (October 24, 2013) — Unlike power washers that deliver a fixed output pressure, the revolutionary OneWash from Generac Power Systems features the exclusive PowerDial that allows users to select what they want to clean, and then automatically adjusts the power washer’s output pressure to meet the task.

Generac Revolutionizes Pressure Washers with OneWash“Our research has shown that ease of use is at the top of the list for consumers when it comes to choosing and using a pressure washer,” said Clement Feng, senior vice president of marketing, Generac. “So we designed our OneWash power washer to give them more usability and versatility than any other pressure washer on the market. They can use the OneWash to clean their new car at a low pressure and then—at a turn of the PowerDial—move on to blasting stains off the driveway.”

The PowerDial has four pressure settings that allow the user to clean virtually any surface—from cars and other vehicles to brick and cement. 

The OneWash also features an innovative system to protect the pump from damage. Because operating a pressure washer without water flow can irrevocably damage the pump in only a few seconds, the OneWash power washer will not start unless water is flowing through the pump. It will also shut down automatically if the water supply is interrupted. In either event, an LED on the control panel will alert users that they need to check the water supply and the oil level (the unit comes standard with low oil shutdown, as well).

In fact, all of the OneWash’s controls, system alerts, and operational instructions are centralized into the unit’s control panel—which was designed around the PowerDial—thus eliminating the guesswork around starting and operating the power washer.

Even the OneWash’s on-board detergent tank was engineered for improved usability. It offers a drain valve that lets users easily remove the contents of the tank. This makes it easier for consumers to use different cleaners for different jobs, and more easily prep the unit for storage. 

Generac applied many features to the OneWash that have proven popular on its other power washers. For example, the spray gun features a soft grip for comfort, and an easy-to-pull inverted trigger design that requires a minimum of effort; both reduce fatigue during prolonged use. Additionally, the Generac overhead valve (OHV) horizontal-shaft engine makes the pump more accessible by positioning it well above the ground so users can easily make hose connections.