Achieve supreme feed quality with the high performance 6530 grinder mixer from Art’s Way Mfg. Compared to previous grinder mixer models with 8-inch discharge systems and fewer hammers, the new redesigned 6530 grinder mixer incorporates features that guarantee it will provide the producer an exceptional, high performing feed grinding mixing system.

Our design engineers have heard from the producers and our field sales representatives and implemented features to make the 6530 grinder mixer move feed faster with bigger and better discharge capabilities than Art’s Way 5165 and 6520 models and other similar models.

Take control: Adjustable and reversible lower wear plate on the hammer mill improves feed grinding by closing up the distance to the hammers and allows using a larger screen size reducing draw on tractor HP. This adjustment allows optimum spacing for the feed ingredients to be ground efficiently and consistently to the size requirements for the ration mix. Using a large 36 gallon hydraulic tank helps dissipate heat, decreasing overall fluid temperatures which maximizes tractor HP. Make all hydraulic adjustments from a consolidated valve bank equipped with a sight glass level, temperature and pressure gauges for easy monitoring of the hydraulic system. A reduced number of hydraulic hoses simplifies the hydraulic setup of self-contained units and is a much smoother operating hydraulic system from previous models.

Move more feed faster with bigger, better discharge capabilities: A redesign of the discharge gate opening to a straight guillotine type with a stroke actuator provides a 30% increase in gate opening versus the pivot gate with 8-inch stroke actuator on other models. The producer can expect increased flow and faster discharge of feed. 

We have added two additional feet to the discharge auger tube making it 12 feet in length with maximum extended reach of 25 feet 5 inches, easily reaching over a 20-foot bin. The 6530 grinder also provides more flexibility in placement of feed discharge with its additional 60-degree angle height setting on the discharge auger tube cylinder. Compared to other grinder mixers with 8-inch diameter unload systems, the larger 10-inch diameter unload system increases the discharge rate up 100% to drastically reduce time and labor costs.

Attention to details: Detail oriented engineers and product quality managers have included several design changes in the new 6530 grinder mixer that result in higher performance, more efficient operation and longer lasting parts. Updates include a spring loaded chain tensioner with idle master idler on the main drive chain, an RC40 chain with idler sprocket on the drive of the mill to the mixer auger, throttle control near the intake end of the auger feeder for added convenience, a hinged access door on lower discharge for easier cleaning and extra windows on left and rear side of the tank for sight access to feed levels in the tank.

Wireless control of discharge operations: The 6530 grinder mixer boasts a fully self-contained hydraulic system operated by a wireless remote to control: raise/lower and swing of the discharger auger; open/close of the tank discharge gate; plus start and stop the operation of the unload system. This feature puts the controls in the palm of your hand.

A tractor hydraulic version is available, using your tractor hydraulics in place of the self-contained unit to run all hydraulic systems. Operational using three sets of two hoses, hydraulic flow is rated at 16 gpm, at 2000 psi.

Electronic scale options are available for precise weight calculations:
Equipped with optional scale indicator and load cells provides accurate weight measurements for mixing feed for livestock and poultry.

Fast and efficient, uniform consistency of feed grind: The portable 6530 efficiently grinds feed with a one piece 26-inch hammer mill that operates 96 4-way reversible knives.

Impressed with the speed and the uniformity of the grind obtained with the new 6530 model in recent tests with one of his customers, Ron Bender, Art’s Way Northeast sales representative states, “The consistency of the ground product was remarkable.” Test results show that the 6530 grinder mixer easily ground 20 tons of feed in about 45 minutes to a micron size of 650 to 750.

What this means for the producer feeding his livestock or poultry is that it not only saves time grinding feed efficiently, but produces a feed that is blended thoroughly and uniformly within the large  165 bushel mixing tank. This provides superior rations and improves the growth potential of his livestock or poultry.  

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