December 18, 2013 — You've heard of the Roomba vacuum for your home, but how about something similar for your lawn? Well the John Deere Pavilion is introducing its newest exhibit at the visitor's center that could be just that.

It's called the Tango E5 Autonomous Mower. The exhibit includes a live demonstration of the Tango mower, which right now is only available in select European countries.

The Pavilion is probably the only place we'll get to see it in action and this kind of demonstration is a first for the Deere site.

"Tango can actually, you can set the schedule and it's going to do the mowing according to your schedule. And, there are guide wires underneath that are six inches underground, that you can set the perimeter for it to mow," said Bridgitte Tapscott with the Deere Pavilion.

Tango is not available in the United States as Deere is still doing market research. It's just one of many products made by Deere on the global market. 

It can been seen at the John Deere Pavilion in downtown Moline.