Mark Staley's business has been growing and when space became available in the same building, he quickly moved into it.

McHenry Small Engine, 270 Interstate Court, Frederick, has expanded from 3,000 square feet to 8,000 square feet at the same location.

The additional space provides areas for repair work and possibly storage for customers' equipment.

"My idea is to pick up mowers at the end of summer, store them for maybe $30 for the customer and then service them and get them back to them for the next mowing season," Staley said. "It would get the mower out of their way, not sitting in the yard rusting, and be serviced and ready."

The company, formed in 1987 as a distributor for lawn and garden equipment parts, has an extensive inventory of parts for virtually any brand of yard or outdoor equipment.

"We keep about 85% stocked of everything," Staley said.

His company offers parts and repairs for just about any make of yard or outdoor equipment, from mowers to power generators. "Anything outdoors or in the yard, we can work on it," he said.

Many of the brands he represents, such as Briggs & Stratton, require "a clean, professional-looking business and a large inventory," Staley said. Technicians must be certified on all of the equipment, Staley said, adding that much of the training today is done online.

"Warranties have to be honored," he said.

His 8-member staff has more than 120 years of experience in small-engine maintenance and repair.

People buy lawn mowers and other equipment at big-box stores, he said, but need maintenance when those stores don't offer it.

"You need to clean the oil, keep it at the proper level, sharpen blades, check plugs and belts, keep the engine free of debris."

Anything from belts to filters to keys and spark plugs, hoses, blades and more are in the warehouse.

Although the business has a website,, Staley wants to expand it to include an more complete list of products, as well as special sales and updates for customers.

"We repower a lot of equipment," Staley said. "Instead of buying a new piece of equipment, we can rebuild the small engines, save them money."