John Deere recently rolled the 5 millionth lawn tractor off its assembly line at the Horicon, Wis., manufacturing facility.  

A model from the Select Series X700 Ultimate Tractor lineup was manufactured as the 5 millionth lawn tractor in time for spring and the peak outdoor power equipment selling season.

"Reaching 5 million lawn tractors is a significant milestone for us. Over the last 47 years, the John Deere Horicon Works has built a reputation for manufacturing durable and reliable products for millions of homeowners," said Dan Hoffman, factory manager, John Deere Horicon Works.  

"Our co-workers have dedicated themselves and worked hard to consistently provide products that meet and exceed customer expectations, and we're extremely proud of our accomplishments."

In 1963, production of the first lawn and garden tractor began at the Horicon facility during which year John Deere built 1,000 units of the 110 Lawn Tractor.  An original 110 Lawn Tractor now resides at Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.  

In May 1984, John Deere Horicon Works reached the 1 million mark, when a Model 318 lawn and garden tractor rolled off the assembly line.  The 2 million mark was surpassed in 1992 with the production of the LX188.  In 1998 the factory reached the 3 million mark with the production of an LT133 lawn tractor and in March 2003 John Deere Horicon Works exceeded 4 million tractors built.