The ASPEN dealership management system is poised for continued growth under the direction of Rick Retherford, Charter Software’s new director of IT and development. A multi-faceted information systems management professional, Rick brings to Charter Software more than 20 years of experience in systems analysis and design, database design, software development, IT process improvement, server management and more.

Retherford's expertise in streamlining processes and standardizing practices are expected to positively impact ASPEN’s productivity and improve performance for all users. “I see great potential in the ASPEN product and I’m excited to take on this role of bringing it to the next level,” says Retherford.

Retherford applies his extensive knowledge of industry best practices to develop high-performing, scalable, and maintainable systems that support the ever-changing business requirements of Charter Software’s customers.

“As we work to improve the efficiency of the ASPEN product, we will also continue to incorporate new enhancements and features that meet our customers’ needs and reflect industry trends,” he says. “ASPEN’s platform allows us to be very responsive in incorporating improvements that will benefit the dealers we serve and their unique processes.”

Off-site server hosting is another industry trend that Retherford will address. Several major server upgrades and enhancements are planned that will ensure Charter’s hosted servers meet or exceed the latest industry performance specifications. “ASPEN’s hosted option saves our customers both time and money by making the most up-to-date technology accessible, without the hefty investment or need to manage it onsite,” says Retherford. “It’s our goal to implement the best technology available to make the user experience seamless,” he says.

“We are very pleased to welcome Rick to our team and I am confident that all Charter Software customers will benefit greatly from his expertise,” says Charter Software President Anne Salemo.