CNH released to the public n Torino, Italy, its 5-year strategic plan.

The plan, which is available in full at the CNH web site, was developed as part of a post 2009 re-basing exercise of the Company's strategic position of its product portfolio, geographic footprint of its industrial base, dealer network, and market growth assumptions.

The plan relies on four main pillars for performance improvement, all of which equally contribute to maximizing, in many cases, the leadership position of the CNH product portfolio in its targeted end markets and operating geographies.

Continuous improvement in product quality and best in class features development have been the core drivers of the success of the CNH brands as our customers have relied on the Company's ability to deliver products with value enhancing performance characteristics.

A critical part of the assumptions embedded in the 5-year plan includes a commitment to our customers to fund future product development, our pledge to invest and co-invest with our industrial partners in emerging markets with customized products, and our promise to our dealership network to provide a full range of high performance products for their end user customers.

All of these initiatives will be financed by the Company's commitment to world class manufacturing systems, platform rationalization programs, and the combined efficiencies of being part of one of the world's largest industrial groups.

"CNH has demonstrated that it has the institutional knowledge to build products to meet the demands of our customers in their chosen markets. This new strategic growth plan is, in many ways, an extension of that commitment to our customers and partners through the provision of a 5-year roadmap of performance objectives and strategic intent" said Harold Boyanovsky, CNH President and CEO.