Featured Product

From its beginnings as a humble welding shop, started by Caspar Schulte with his son John, through its background of well-built agricultural products to the innovative leading-edge products produced today, Schulte Industries continues to be a leader in the markets it serves. Schulte employs more than 150 people at its facility in Englefeld,Saskatchewan, and continues to design, manufacture and market its diverse line of equipment for the farm, agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors in all corners of the world. Schulte is moving forward with several new products this year.

New for 2014 is the SMR-800 Multi-Rake.This eight foot wide multi-purpose tool is the perfect attachment for your skid steer, for rock windrowing, landscaping, soil prep and sweeping operations. The rototilling action of the SMR-800 breaks lumps, roots and other debris while reclaiming rocks by forming them in uniform rows. The SMR-800 features 4-inch drum mounted teeth for greater ground penetration. The SMR-800 is chain driven to keep the hydraulic motor out of harm’s way. This unit also includes a pivoting mount for up to 20 degrees left or right rotation. The SMR-800 features forklift grade tires for durability in the toughest conditions. Rotating or floating mounts as well as several motor options are available to match any skid steer and operation needed.

Also new for Schulte is the SV-10/12/14 folding V Plows available for the toughest snow clearing jobs. The SV Plow is available in 10-, 12- and 14-foot widths and features hydraulic accumulators to reduce shock loading. Two independently controlled sections angle up to 30 degrees forward or backward. Built to work with the Schulte FM-350 front mount frame, This product fits 3-point hitches in the 2, 3, 3N and 2 and 3 quick-hitches.Clearing modes for the SV-10/12/14 include V, scoop, angle, straight and anywhere in between.

For more information, visit Schulte.ca.