Saving time and making more money are keys to success for landscaping and tree care professionals. Husqvarna is taking steps to help achieve them through new and enhanced products and an organizational restructuring. 

With two powerful new engines for professional zero turn mowers, five new products in the premium dedicated landscape series of handhelds, and two new professional walk behind mowers, Husqvarna is offering high-quality options designed to improve efficiencies and performance for all professional users.

Plus, Husqvarna has formed a Professional Business Development team focused on further expanding existing programs for professional users and the regional and national organizations that serve them. The team is led by Walt Rose, Husqvarna’s Business Development Manager –  Commercial Lawn & Garden and Tree Care, and 27-year industry veteran.

“With these new or enhanced products and the addition of our Professional Development Team, Husqvarna continues its ongoing commitment to serving the needs and preferences of the professional customer,” says Jeff Dewosky, Vice President and General Manager, Husqvarna Dealer Division. “We are particularly proud of extending our environmental focus with the fuel-efficient EFI engines now available on select professional zero turn mowers.”

New Professional Handheld Products (500 Series)

Husqvarna is rounding out its premium handheld product line by adding two new brushcutters, two new trimmers, and a new extended hedge trimmer to its family of 25cc 500 series high performance equipment designed for the professional landscaper.  Each has been rigorously field tested in the US and international markets for two years under extreme conditions for quality assurance prior to launch.

525L and 525LDX Professional Trimmers

These additions to Husqvarna’s professional trimmer line-up offer the durability that a professional expects.  Features like magnesium crankcases and drop guards keep your machine running in the toughest of conditions.  Each of the new 500 series is equipped with Husqvarna’s X-Torq engine technology which is designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and also improve overall performance. 

Included with the durability and performance features listed above, professionals will also notice increased productivity due to enhanced ergonomic features like heat shields and the LowVib floating throttle handle which is designed to absorb vibrations.  

The 525L is intended for the professional landscaper who wants high performance at an economical price.  The 525LDX has the same high performance features, but with the ability to use multiple attachments for diverse applications.  Everything from edging, hedge trimming, leaf blowing, dethatching and more can be accomplished.  

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the 525L is $299.95; and the MSRP for the 525LDX is $399.95. Each is available in January 2015.

525RX and 525RJX Professional Brushcutters

The durability, performance, and adaptability features that are part of the powerful 500 series brushcutter range make short work of tall brush. For instance, the 525RX comes with an ergonomically designed harness and adjustable bicycle style handle providing a pleasant grip and comfortable working position. The 525RJX comes with a loop handle and blade kit, for easy conversion from trimming to clearing.   

Plus, each of the new 500 series brushcutters is equipped with a powerful X-TORQ engine, which are designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions; features a grass bevel gear for parallel cutting; and comes with a Tap N Go trimmer head in addition to the included blade.

The MSRP for the 525RX is $399.95; and the MSRP for the 525RJX is $429.95. Each is available in January 2015.

525HF3S Extended Hedge Trimmer

The 525HF3S has two new features designed to make it exceptionally durable, productive and long-lasting. It has the heaviest-duty gearbox of any Husqvarna hedge trimmer, and its fixed blade system, in the center of the shaft, is easier to control when sculpturing.

The MSRP for the 525HF3S is $439.95. It will be available in January 2015. 

New Professional Walk Behind Mowers

The two additions to Husqvarna’s line of professional walk behind mowers are the W436 – featuring a 36” fixed, fabricated deck; and the W448 – featuring a 48” fixed, fabricated deck. Each comes with the following efficiency or safety features, including: Peerless 5-speed transmission, premium Vanguard engine, assisted reverse, electric clutch, and rubber M-ZT discharge shield.

The MSRP for the W436 is $3,799.95, and the MSRP for the W448 is $3,999.95. Each will be available in January 2015.