Exmark has announced the introduction of a new Stand-On Spreader Sprayer to its lawn care equipment line. The new machine offers a number of innovations that increase versatility, maneuverability, performance and productivity for lawn care professionals.

The Exmark Stand-On Spreader Sprayer introduces the company’s exclusive Lean-to-Steer controls, which give operators the ability to easily steer and control forward or reverse speed with one hand. This frees the other hand to operate the sprayer/spreader controls, or perform spot spraying with the easily-accessible spray wand. Padded knee bolsters on three sides of the operator provide additional comfort and stability.

An intuitive control layout makes it easy to operate controls and make adjustments from the operator position. Exmark developed an innovative controller for the pump and spinner motor, to give the operator control of the spinner speed and provide operational alerts for the pump or spinner motor. The controller allows adjustment of spinner speed to meet broadcast requirements from between four and 22 feet. The operator can also lock the spinner speed adjustment to avoid inadvertently changing machine speed on the go. 

With separate, selectable narrow (5.5 feet) and wide (11 feet) spray nozzles, the Exmark Stand-On Spreader Sprayer is functional on virtually any property. The 20-gallon tank is easy to fill and drain, with graduation marks for accurate mixing. Two induction nozzles inside the tank provide spray mixture agitation that keeps even wettable powders in suspension to deliver unmatched spray versatility and consistency.

Spreader controls are located at the operator’s fingertips for maximum ease-of-control. The Spyker spreader system is well-known among lawn care professionals for its ease-of-use and consistent performance. Innovative controls allow lateral adjustment of the spread pattern, on-the-go, from the operator’s position.

The Exmark Spreader Sprayer is powered by a single-cylinder Subaru EX27 commercial engine. The machine is capable of carrying 175-pounds of material in the hopper, with the ability to carry up to 50-pounds of bagged material on-top of the tank. A soft hopper cover is included to protect material from moisture and during transport.

The corrosive properties of many fertilizers and chemicals led Exmark to design a robust stainless steel main frame and powder coated control tower for the Stand-On Spreader Sprayer. A stainless steel operator platform includes isolation mounts for a more comfortable ride, and the platform locks up for storage or transport. The design delivers the long-term durability lawn care professionals expect, and the compact design of the machine increases maneuverability and ease-of-transport.

Learn more about the Exmark Stand-On Spreader Sprayer at http://exmark.com/pdfs/Exmark_SpreaderSprayer.pdf.