The Grasshopper Company has expanded its popular PowerVac collection systemwith the HighLift 15B collector.

The new HighLift 15B was be on display at GIE+EXPO 2014 in Louisville, Ky. Key features of the HighLift 15B include:

  • Infinitely variable emptying heights up to 72 inches high and 34 inches behind the power unit can empty clippings and debris with precision into a pickup bed, onto a trailer or other hard-to-reach area
  • A 15-cubic-foot capacity hopper with a tapered bottom that compacts debris and two fabricated Debris Xpel™ arms inside the collector for easy discharge of compacted debris
  • Rear-mounted HighLift™ collector and deck-mounted Quik-D-Tatch vac retain the mower’s zero-turn maneuverability
  • Deck-driven vac picks up virtually any kind of debris for a clean, manicured finish without the need for an auxiliary engine, and can be easily removed in minutes without tools

More information and specifications on the HighLift 15B PowerVac collection system are available at